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grand opening
Grand opening within reach
While still working hard developing the site, the first goal is now in sight. In not to much time all cognitive science professionals around the world will have a new, fresh and all-incompassing ground zero for them to dwell in. Welcome, have a look around! For in-depth information about this project, look here.


robotics A matchbox-sized robot that can infiltrate a pack of cockroaches and influence their collective behav...

psychology PEOPLE with autism seem not to daydream in the way that other people do. ...
robotics Robotic "tentacles" that can grasp and grapple with a wide variety of objects have been developed by ...
cognitive science Psychiatric researchers at The Zucker Hillside Hospital campus of The Feinstein Institute for Medical...
2006-04-23: Man vs. Machine
New to cognitive science? Hit the books! ...or at least the Tutorial Section, where you can become initiated by reading a comprehensive summary on the subject. Both history, definitions, applications, education and research are covered.
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